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You’ve heard the expression,” A picture is worth a thousand words but have you heard this one? A death is worth a thousand mitzvahs.” — Margie Boule, Oregonian Columnist

Cohen at TEDx Denver, CO December 2011.

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Mitzvahs and Magic

make a wish oregonMitzvahs and Magic

For the past several years, I have been engaged in such meaningful life work with the 1,000 Mitzvah project, speaking and writing and sharing the 1,000 Mitzvahs book. Several months ago, I began consulting around employee engagement knowing that my calling was connecting others to volunteerism and the value it provides in our lives.

Several weeks ago, I answered an ad for a position as the Volunteer Manager for Make-A-Wish Oregon. While I knew of Make-A-Wish peripherally (and had included them as a resource organization in my book), I had never had first hand experience with the organization. I truly believe when we are on the right path the right opportunities show up for us. Apparently, the folks at Make-A-Wish believe the same. I am delighted, excited and humbled by the opportunity I will have to serve others as the new Volunteer Manager for the Portland chapter of this organization. I honestly could not have imagined how quickly I would realized that this is the work I was meant to do and this is a perfect organization to do it with. I just started this week and know that in my role I will be able to connect volunteers to an incredible life changing volunteer experience.

I expect this new part of my life journey to be a deep and enriching opportunity and I am grateful and blessed to accept it.

Feel free to connect with me at linda@orwish.org if you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at Make-A-Wish.

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