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You’ve heard the expression,” A picture is worth a thousand words but have you heard this one? A death is worth a thousand mitzvahs.” — Margie Boule, Oregonian Columnist

Cohen at TEDx Denver, CO December 2011.



Quoted in the Oregonian, December 2014:


What to Give to Teachers for the Holidays



Oregonian, What to Give to Teachers, December 2014




Giving Tuesday Teaching Kids about Philanthropy


Oregonian, Giving Tuesday: Gives Parents an Opportunity to Discuss Philanthropy, December 2014





Students at King David High School conclude 1,000 Mitzvahs project February 2014



1,000 Mitzvahs inspires 1,000 Drops of Kindness at Stafford




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Eyes Wide Open

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

I have been a huge fan of Wayne Dyer for years. Today, I had an “aha” moment and his quote jumped into my head. I smiled as I realized I had internalized this possibility.

I was short on time for a walk this morning and feeling disappointed that I wouldn’t have time to walk in the forest, which I have been attempting to do more often recently. I didn’t even have enough time to walk on a path near our house that at least gets me out of the neighborhood and our residential streets. So feeling a little bit down, I headed out for my walk. Not twenty feet into my walk, I noticed that the lighting this morning was particularly beautiful, backlighting many flowers and trees. I was grateful I had my phone in my pocket so I could snap a quick photo. I know they aren’t often that great but I like being able to savor the moment and having a photo seems to help me do that.

Around the corner from my house was where things got interesting. I spotted a tree I know well. I often peek at it because it has peeling bark and always looks so unusual. But today when I stopped for a moment and snapped a photo, something appeared that I had not seen with my naked eye.

photo 1-1

Old man in tree

That’s when I knew today’s walk had shifted for me. I thought of the Wayne Dyer quote and was now actively looking for what else was going to be unusual about today’s walk. On the last stretch of the walk I saw a house for sale and walked a little closer to the door to peek inside. When I turned around I saw a fairy garden on the ground below a tree.


When we are open and looking for the joys and abundance in our world. We see it with new and fresh eyes.

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